The Modulflex system
is the most advanced system that currently exists. This piece of technology is very fast and fantastic for cutting all types of materials. It is constitued by a series of adaptors and different types of cutting heads for metal and any other raw materials that can think of. A maximum rigidity guarantees a high precision and a brilliant finish to ensure the best quality of all processed surfaces In particular, our compact complete milling cutters have made it possible to use for any activity. This means that it is totally accessible thanks to the narrow zones and small diameters of the adaptors. In addition the coating of the insert and solid carbide cutters make our tools ideal for high speed cutting for hardened steels and for non-ferrous metals.

- Wide range of lengths and diameters
- Can process by any depth, ten times bigger than the diameters
- Maximum rigidity
- Suitable for use in shrink-fit chucks
- Compatible with any universal cutting heads

- Different shapes in order to do: right shoulder, copying, chamfering
- Different number of teeth for each application/working condition
- Helical cutting for the loss of power and reduction and improve rough surface
- Simple and precise and easy to assemble and will repeat the width and length
- Possibility to coating and repeat the grinder

- Different types in order to do: copying, contouring, puncture solid materials without drilling
- Able to work at high speed on hard materials
- Several types of inserts for every application and work condition
- Easy to mount with exact precision and easy to assemble and will repeat the width and length